Keeping your wood stove burning efficiently is an essential aspect of keeping your home safe. Operating any heat source without proper preparation and safety precautions can be severely damaging to the home and dangerous to its occupants. Here are a few tips to keep your stove running hot, as well as safe.

Battle with rust, general deteriariton

Rust is a common culprit for wood stove maintenance to be necessary. You’ll certainly need steel wool to start working on amending the rust damage, but it really can depend on the material of the model. Take a look at the associated model manual, and give us a call for any further questions.

Empty the ashpan periodically

Ashpans are a great asset to have for woodburning stoves. Although they do impact the heat a bit, emptying them often enough to avoid overflow or ash build-up is a great safety precaution.

Chimney sweeping

Sweeping the chimney is a must. This is done to avoid any hazards that could put your life in harm’s way unnecessarily, as well as maintain the chimney’s longevity through routine maintenance.

What maintenance can I do for my stove?

Basic cleaning – Cleaning the glass with chemically-safe solutions is another necessary precaution. Be extremely thorough when cleaning yourself, as little pockets building up residue can be hazardous in the long term.

Find the right tools – Depending on the woodstove model, these will require different sets of tools. Finding a set that meets your needs for the amount of detail necessary to do an adequate job is a good approach. This will include several variations of brushes for each individual space, ceramic-glass cleaner, creosote remover, a mask for your face and eye protection, etc.

How to get started

If you’re in need of assistance with such maintenance or have any questions about your stove model, we’re here to help. Give us a call today, and we can get started on helping your stove looking like new again.