Most people associate chimneys and fireplaces with winter. That makes sense since you use your fireplace when it’s cold, of course. But summer is important for chimneys, too!

So, why is it better to have your chimney serviced when the weather is warm? There are several reasons, actually. Here’s a look at just a few.

To beat the traffic. Many homeowners wait until right before cold weather arrives – or when it has already blown in – to have their chimney serviced. As such, professional chimney servicing companies experience a lot of traffic during this time of the year. If you wait until then, too, you may have a hard time getting an appointment and may not be able to use your fireplace when you actually need it (or you could be tempted to use it before it’s serviced, creating an unsafe situation).

To ensure safety. By avoiding the traffic that’s associated with late-season chimney servicing, you’ll have a lot easier time getting an appointment with a professional. When your chimney is serviced, you’ll have confidence knowing that it’s safe and ready to use when the cold weather does arrive. Plus, it’s safer for the technicians who will be servicing your chimney to do the job when the weather is warm, as they won’t have to contend with the snow, ice, and other dangerous conditions.

To save costs. Another good reason to have your chimney serviced during the warm weather is the amount you’ll save. Professional chimney servicing companies tend to charge more during the cold-weather season, as the traffic for these services is a lot higher. During the spring and summer, when business is slower, these companies tend to charge significantly lower rates.

Chimney maintenance is often neglected until something is broken. But by that time, it’s too late. A broken chimney is a huge fire hazard, and annual cleaning and inspection are crucial to your chimney’s health.

Just like your annual physical with a doctor, annual chimney inspections and cleaning are preventative measures and greatly reduce overall costs in maintaining your chimney and keeping it in good repair. Since you want to use your chimney in the winter, the best time for chimney maintenance is in the summer, before the cold months make you regret procrastinating.

Call A Step in Time Chimney Sweeps this summer so we can help you with all your chimney maintenance needs, including inspection, cleaning, and repairs.